Frequently Asked Questions

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We have quite a few options for our Bust-Out Banner, Battle Flags, and other Applique and Digitally Imaged products. Because of the custom nature of our products, differing sizes, different manufacturing processes, various materials, etc, we prefer to make a complimentary custom mock-up for your request, and include pricing options specific to your needs. Please fill out the Free Custom Mockup form on the right side of the Custom Products page, and we will send you a packet with your custom mockup and pricing within 24 hours, usually same day.

A Bust-Out Banner is an applique or digitally Imaged banner with sleeves on the sides (for poles, which are included), and a high quality velcro seam in the middle, allowing a football team "Bust-Out" of the banner. Also known as Run-Throughs, Breakaway Banners, Breakthroughs, Tear-Away Banners. Our Bust-Out Banners are made of 200 deneir nylon, a strong, lightweight, machine-washable material, similar to parachute material. All Bust-Out Banners include poles, stabalizing ropes, and tote bag or storage bin. All applique and digitally imaged Bust-Out Banners include our Five Year Limited Warranty for cleaning and repairs.

Fill out the Free Custom Mockup form to get a complimentary custom mock up and pricing information.

All American Flags and Banners Five Year Warranty for cleaning and repair is an industry leading feature that applies to most of our products, appliqued and digitally imaged.

The warranty DOES NOT cover mildew damage that occurs when fabric is stored while it is still damp.

See the Warranty Page for more information.

Applique is the process of layering fabric, sewing the image, then cutting away the layers to reveal the colors beneath. This creates an extremely durable, lightweight, and professional looking banner. Digitally Imaging is a process where the image is burned into a single layer of fabric.

Please see Our Processes: Applique vs. Digital for more detailed information.