The drape is fantastic! We take all our pictures for signings and other events in front of the drape.

We have thoroughly enjoyed your product. We are not in need of anything at the moment, but if that changes we will definitely let you know!


Thanks again for all of your help!

Joshua Stepp - Lexington High School

Hi Steve,

The kids have really enjoyed the Bust-Out Banner and the flags :) 

We have our Frosh Football players hold them and they take great pride in it.

Here are a couple pics I took of them :)


Jeanette Hollis - Quartz Hill High School

By the way, the table drapes are AWESOME! Better than we could have imagined or expected.

If we need anything else like that, we will be contacting you and I will be spreading the word across my district.

Thank you for such an excellent product. Have a great day.

J. Wesley Quick - Germantown High School


I have attached a picture we love!

We have loved the break through we purchased! We have gotten rave reviews from everyone who has seen it! Eldorado High School is very glad we purchased our break through banner from All American Flags and Banners!


Rob White - Eldorado High School

Hey Steve,

The flag looks amazing. Everyone has been so impressed! I know I will want to get a second flag. I am going to see if I can get it in this year's budget.



Tony Morris - Upper Iowa University

Steve - the banner works GREAT!! We use it for football AND basketball season! Attached are 2 pictures from football season!

Our band has a few battle flags, so we do not need any at this time, but I will definitely let you know when we are ready for another!


Allison Morgan - Elyria High School

By the way, every school that we play against runs out with these little and here comes Archbishop Rummel High School with a very intimidating Battle Flag. It is one of my favorite parts of our football games to see our battle flag running down the middle of the field before, after halftime, and at the end of each game. It is a beautiful sight to see. Also, our battle flag was run in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as we won back to back state championships in football in 2013.

Kirk Maronge - Archbishop Rummel High School


We absolutely love our breakthrough banner. This is our second season to use it and we have not had any problems whatsoever. I will probably pack it up at the end of the season and send it to you so that you can check it to make sure all is okay. We have many pictures made with the banner. I will send you a few.


Thanks so much,

Daphne Ward - Nanih Waiya Attendance Center

Dear Mr. Larrimore,

Our bookkeeper and person most responsible for getting this banner for us asked me to send you a couple of pictures of our run-through banner we purchased from you a couple of years ago.


It has been such a lifesaver and timesiver, while also receiving incredible reviews from our fans, as well as other schools.

Best of all, it is so easy to handle and put together. When space allows, we take it to our opposing schools.

So far, there is no need for any repairs, and we clean it ourselves. After every game, we give it a quick cleanup, and at the end of the season, we really go over it with some detergent or whatever other cleaning agent we need to use. However, when the time comes, we will send it to you so that its integrity can always be superior.

Mary Frances Gillespie - T. DeWitt Taylor Middle-High School

The custom Bust-Out banner that All American Flags and Banners created has been a huge crowd pleaser at our middle school games. The athletes at our school love to run through it and the parents love how professional it looks. I would recommend any sports team to get a custom Bust-Out banner done here.


Jane Medema - Taylor Middle School