Our Processes: Applique vs. Digitally Imaged

All American Flags and Banners LLC was founded on our Applique products. Made by layering multiple sheets of nylon fabric, which are then sewn and cut to create the image, each flag and banner is a work of art. The hand-sewn, high quality craftsmanship is unmistakable. Even though they are handmade by our in-house team of craftsmen and seamstresses, our applique products only take 12-15 business days for production and delivery. Production times may vary due to season and demand. The applique line has exclusive metallic gold and silver foil fabric available for an extra pop of dazzling color. The strong lightweight nylon ensures a game day product your team will be comfortable using for years to come.

Applique Vs. Digital Flag ComparisonOur digital banners use the same high quality, lightweight nylon of our applique line, but create the image with a process more cost-effective for our customers. Not prone to chipping or peeling like silk-screened products, our digital line is made by embedding the image into a single sheet of fabric with a large digital printer. The image is incredibly sharp, allowing for gradients and photo-quality imaging. Color and design options for Digitally Imaged products are unlimited, while some applique products can vary in cost based on design. The digital printing process averages between 3-4 weeks for production and delivery.

Applique and Digital products have the same expected lifespan. Nylon Bust-Out Banners, Single Letter Flags, and Battle Flags of either production method have the same 5 Year Warranty. More info on our warranty program can be found here. Both production methods provide an eye-catching visual to excite your stadium full of fans and inspire your team. Some items, such as our Table Drapes, Media Drapes, and Stage Drapes, are only available in our Digital line.