Outdoor U.S. Flags

Outdoor U.S Flags

Available in Polymax or Endura-Nylon with Solarmax, these high quality flags are perfect for outdoor use.


If you are ordering 6 or more Outdoor U.S. Flags of the same design and size, we offer a quantity discount. Please call 1-800-521-7659 or email info@allamericanflagsandbanners.com to find out the discount based on your needs for multiple flags.




  • PolyMax US Flag Bunting boasts an impressive warp count to fill count ratio and color is engineered to stay bright.
  • Warp Count = 35 Threads per square inch (Threads running the length of the fabric)
  • Fill Count = 31 Threads per square inch (Threads running across the width of the fabric)
  • Polymax flags begin with advaced polymers resulting in superior 18-gauge two-ply ring spun fibers
  • Warp Strength = 195 pounds per square inch
  • Fill Strength = 190 pounds per square inch
  • Embroidered Stars on all flags up through 10' x 15'
  • Appliqued Stars on flags 10' x 19' and larger