Recommended Products for High Schools

Nanih Waiya Bust-Out Banner (also known as breakaway, run-through, & tear-away banners)Thousands of high schools across the country charge onto the field through our Nylon Bust-Out Banners and celebrate touchdowns with our Battle Flags and Single Letter Flag sets.

The three sizes of Bust-Out Banners most high schools prefer are 12 ft x 24 ft, 15 ft x 30 ft, and 10 ft x 20 ft. We do not recommend anything larger than 15-foot tall Bust-Out Banners for high schools, but we do offer a 20-foot tall line.

Winder-Barrow High School Battle FlagThe 7 ft x 9 ft Battle Flag is the perfect size for high schools, big but not too big. The 10 ft x 12 ft is the largest battle flag we would suggest for high schools. Anything larger than 10 ft x 12 ft is generally too much flag for a high school student to run with comfortably.

Smiths Station High School Single Letter Flag Set (also known as field runner flags, letter flags)

The 5 ft x 7 ft Single Letter Flag Set is our suggested size for high schools. This size flag set is easy to run with, and works great indoors and outdoors.

In addition to our Applique products, we also have a great line of fundraising flags: Garden Flags, House Flags, and Car Flags. We provide Pre-Order Sales Packets for your team, with no obligation to order. This allows your team to pre-sell the flags with no risk to your school or budget.

Because we are a custom flag company, we can handle any "outside of the box" banner or flag project. Contact our sales team with the details of your idea, and we will be happy to discuss what we can do for you, and how we can make your idea into a reality.